episode 63 - The feel is back

The Guys are back with Episode 63- The Feel is Back! This episode there is a SPOILER FULL Review of the Joker Movie. First look out for #OFFTHEDOME. RIP Cold Kase & RIP Botham Jean. Also, the guys talk about Dame Lilliard (Dolla) vs Shaq rap battle. Please Enjoy!!!





Live at conciousFest stl

The guys are back with a LIVE episode at the Annual Conscious Fest in St. Louis, MO. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME. Nicki Minaj Retirement?! 5-Star African American Athletes attending HBCU's? Jay-Z and The NFL deal details emerge. Also, there are some great interviews and conversation with festival attendees. Please Comment, Rate , & Subscribe. Please Enjoy!!!!




episode 62 - art imitates life k. kemp x jo lease

Oversaturated The Podcast is back with Episode 62- Art Imitates Life Feat. K. Kemp x Jo Lease. The guys were featured at the Rare Air Art Show in St Louis. During that time, they were able to meet some phenomenal artists (K. Kemp x Jo Lease) who are also featured on the show. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME, The Guys also give their thoughts on the new Dave Chappelle standup. Dope Interviews with the artist conclude the episode. PLEASE ENJOY!!!! Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe.





episode 61.5 - The Warm Up

Unfiltered & Unedited conversation from before Episode 61. The Warm-Up is something new from Oversaturated. The guys have some great conversations before the episode starts. Some bonus content for the listeners. This mini-sode goes from horrible movies , Port of Miami 2 talk, Rapsody, and Megan The Stallion.

Please Enjoy



episode 61 - nobody wins when…

The Guys are Back with Episode 61 - Nobody Wins When...


-Jay-Z Parternships with The NFL?!

-Nicki Minaj vs Joe Budden

Main Discussion, The Nicki vs Joe spawns a funny conversation about celebrity beefs.

Please Enjoy!!!!

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episode 59 - allow me to reintroduce myself

On Episode 59, The Guys are back with , Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself. This episode features a GREAT Conversation. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME, What Happened to Mainstream STL Hip-Hop? Who would you feature on an "Old Town Road" Remix? Eddie Murphy gets $70 Million from Netflix. Mahershala Ali is the New Blade? For The Main Discussion, Hollywood seems to enjoy giving us Reboots, Sequels, and Comic Book Movies. See What The Guys Have To Say. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!

On Episode 60, The Guys are back with Donte from Views from the 7 Podcast. This episode features a GREAT conversation. #RalphieTheBodyChallenge Winner is Announced. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Summer Music Madness?!

-Chance The Rapper

-YBN Cordae

-Rick Ross

-B-Sides Trend?

In The Main Discussion, UNSUNG, The guys along with their guest get into underrated male R&B singers. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!

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Episode 58 - #HOTBOYSUMMER Feat. manny Brown

On Episode 58, The Guys are back with #HOTBOYSUMMER. This episode features Manny Brown of the Any Given Sunday Podcast. The #RalphieTheBodyChallenge is Live Now... Please Listen for Details. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. First, We React To The Power Season 6 Trailer and provide predictions. NBA Free Agency and Wimbledon are discussed. Also, there's a FULL SPOILER review of Spider-Man: Far From Home. What would an OS episode be without a Top 5? Top 5 MCU Movies listed. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!!!



Oversaturated The Podcast Presents Episode 57 - Build Your Table.PNG

Episode 57 - Build You Table

On Episode 57, The Guys are Back Discussing Tyler Perry's Riveting Acceptance Speech at the BET Awards. The speech provided plenty of gems and promoted a great conversation. First, look out for #OFFTHEDOME. The guys dive into the 2019 XXL Freshman List, Biggie's Childhood Home Going for 4K per month, and Cardi B wins another award. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!!!!




episode 56 - Comin’ From Where I’m From Vol 2. Feat Da General

Comin' From Where I'm From Vol 3. Feat. Da General. On Episode 56, Johnnie and Ralph sit down with Da General for a GREAT interview to discuss why he chose to be a Faith Based Emcee, his creative process with his music, and being shunned by the church. First, Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Johnnie discusses his experience at The Roots Picnic. Jay-Z is Hip-Hop's First Billionaire? DJ Khaled vs. Billboard/Tyler The Creator. Please Enjoy!!!!




Episode 55 - Where is all the music, 2019?!

Episode 55 - WHERE IS ALL THE MUSIC, 2019?! Johnnie and Ralph are back to discuss the year in Hip-Hop and R&B for the year 2019. First, Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. The Guys also discuss the recent passing of the Abortion Laws in Alabama and Missouri. Donald Glover rumored for Black Panther 2? PLEASE ENJOY!



Untitled Design(1).PNG

Episode 54- How Did We Get Here? Feat. Scoop and AB

The Two Best From The Midwest are BACK! On Episode 54, The Guys of Oversaturated Welcomed on the host Da Inside Scoop, Scoop and AB, on for a GREAT SHOW. The guys catch up from the #OSLIVESHOW. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Meghan The Stallion Interview Fumble is discussed. They Have A Brief Interview With Scoop and AB. During the Main Discussion Topic, Music from the 2010's were discussed. Biggest Artists, Music Consumption, and even Underwhelming Projects. Please Enjoy!




The Live Show

The First Live Show Went Down May 4th, 2019 in St. Louis. For Those Not Able To Attend, The Audio Version Is Here. Listen for #OffTheDome and other segments from the show. We Hope You Enjoy!




Episode 51 - Area 51

The Guys are Back! On Episode 51, The Guys Celebrate Jay-Z's Blueprint Being Inducted Into The Library of Congress, by naming a few Hip-Hop Classics of their own. First, Look #OFFTHEDOME. 6 Ferguson, MO Activists are reportedly deceased. Kodak Black harasses Young M.A.. and J. Cole covers the April edition of GQ! Great Episode! Please Enjoy!!!!!!!!




Episode 50 - We Got Game: An Oversaturated Joint

Episode 50 - We Got Game: An Oversaturated Joint is a Dive into the World of African American Filmmakers. In Honor of our 50th Episode, you'll hear love from listeners and podcasters alike. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME. New Music Released and Captain Marvel Predictions. During The Main Discussion Topic, Spike Lee's Recent Oscar Victory, Spawned a GREAT conversation about African American Filmmakers. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


Episode 49- Chakras Aligned Feat. Carmen

On Episode 49, The Guys Are Joined By Meditation Guru, Carmen (@iamlovelightandpeace) for a great conversation on the art and benefits of Meditation. First, look out for #OFFTHEDOME. 2019 Grammy Recap. 2020 Presidential Nominations. Steve Harvey Tells Monique about Integrity? Please Enjoy!


Episode 48 - Rare Connections Feat. Asia

Episode 48 - Rare Connections Feat. Asia. The Guys Interviewed Asia, Founder of Rare Radar. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. RIP to James Ingram. Thoughts on J. Cole x Meek Mill Headlining NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND. Jussie Smolett Attacked?! Asia gets into the behind the scenes of her successful website, RARE RADAR.




Episode 47- Trolled & Triggered

On Episode 47 - Trolled and Triggered , Johnnie and Ralph dive into Killer Mike's Netflix Series, Trigger Warning. First, look out for #OFFTHEDOME. The guys discuss Black Panther as a Oscar Nominated Film. Also, Superbowl 53 Predictions, Ralph is #TeamPatriots and Johnnie is #TeamRams. Chris Brown Rape Allegations Discussed, as well as, reactions to Michael Jackson's Finding Neverland Documentary being aired at Sun-Dance Film Festival. PLEASE ENJOY!


Episode 46 - Comin’ From Where I’m From

The Guys Are Finally Back With Episode 46!!!! Comin' From Where I'm From is a exploration of the guys upbringing in their hometown of East Saint Louis, along with the homie Carleton (@rushcityshady). First, there's always #OFFTHEDOME, then thoughts were offered on the B2K reunion as well as a dive into #SurvivingRKelly. Please Enjoy!!!!


Episode 45 - 2nd Annual Oversaturated Awards

THE BEST WAY TO END THE YEAR! The 2nd Annual Oversaturated Awards are here! The guys are joined by a few special guests this episode. They had a great time picking and awarding winners of the categories this year. Everything from the Best Viral Moment to the MVP award. Also, they couldn’t leave you without a Top 5-album list of 2018. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!



Episode 42 - Lemon Pepper my Wings!

Episode 42 – Lemon Pepper My Wings! The guys are interviewing Stacey and Jeanelle of The Lemon Pepper Kickback STL. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME. The guys answer a listener submitted question. Ice Cube and LL Cool J investing in Sports Media? The interview goes into the purpose of the kickback and overall goals for the project. PLEASE ENJOY!!!


Episode 43 - MisunderStood

Episode 43 – Misunderstood. On This Episode, The Guys Tackle The Comments By Pastor John Gray on Marriage. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME. Also, The Guys Comment on Jeff Thomas being kicked off the University of Miami Football Team. They also provide reactions to the new Lion King Trailer. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


Episode 44 - It’s Been A Long Year

Episode 44 – It’s Been A Long Year! Oversaturated: The Podcast had to give you a yearly recap before the OS Awards! The guys broke down the highs and lows of the podcast in 2018. But first they announce the categories for the OS awards, in #OFFTHEDOME who would you like to see in the new Celebrity Death Match and does Kevin Hart and Kyler Murray need to apologize for insensitive tweets. They also get into the 2019 Grammy Nominations. PLEASE ENJOY!!!



Episode 39 - Behind The Boards

Johnnie has A VERY SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to begin the show. Ralph relives posting a video on Twitter/IG. #OFFTHEDOME is always dope. The Guys Answered Listener Submitter Questions. On Behind The Boards, They Have A Discussion on Some Of The Best Producer/Artists Combinations. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


episode 40 - insecure-Like Feat. The first ladies

Episode 40 – Insecure-Like. THE QUEENS ARE BACK! Sade and Ana are back to review Season 3 of the hit show, Insecure. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. The Controversial Tweets By Bette Midler Where Discussed As Well. There’s a fun conversation that leads into the main topic. Then there’s a deep dive into the world of Insecure. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


episode 41 - Captivating

Episode 41 - capTivating explores the world of African-American TV. The guys travel through the decades and discuss their favorite African-American led shows. Look out for #OFFTHEDOME! Bri'Onte Dunn found not guilty,as well as some other topics! Please Enjoy!!!!!



Episode 36 -through The Lens

Episode 36 – Through The Lens. In Episode 36, The Guys Celebrate Hip-Hop’s 45th Anniversary with a Conversation about Hip-Hop Videos. Of Course the #Top5 is BACK! First, Ralph recaps his experience at the OTR2 Tour. Johnnie talks about his experience STL’s ISSACHAT. Look out for the #OffTheDome segment. Also, there was a listener submitted question, Best R&B Covers. PLEASE ENJOY


Episode 37 - The Good Life Vol. 3 Feat. Kelly

The Guys are Back Along With Kelly For The Good Life, Vol. 3! On this episode, look out for the #OFFTHEDOME Segment. They also discuss the French Open Hating on Serena Williams, Azelia Banks vs Wildin' Out. Kelly also pitches the topic of Publicly Shaming Friends. It's a Dope Conversation. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!

episode 38.jpg

Episode 38 - Power Trippin"‘

Episode 38 – Power Trippin’ is Oversaturated’s Power Season 5 Recap! RIP Mac Miller and Ralph discussed a fatal experience. Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. They also get into the Serena Williams controversy at the U.S. Open and John Legend and The E.G.O.T. Nevertheless, Power Season 5 is broken down and all the highs and lows are discussed. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!




Episode 33 - Is It Worth The Subscription?

Episode 33 – Is It Worth The Subscription? In this episode, Johnnie and Ralph discuss Music Catalogs of Certain Artist and Discuss Is It Worth To Purchase Them In An Interesting Way. Oversaturated: The Podcast recently talked about their partnership into the Urban Mogul Life Podcast Network! Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Also, Cardi B with another #1 Single on Billboard, Aubrey goes Platinum, and Have Any Of The G.O.O.D. Music Albums Been Successful? PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


episode 34 - We Live Up To The Name

Episode 34- We Live Up To The Name. On Episode 34, The Guys Show You Why They Are Oversaturated: The Podcast. There’s always a great #OFFTHEDOME segment. They Talk About Everything from The Dream Selling Music Catalog for $23 Million Dollars to 2018 Emmy Nominations. They Debuted a NEW Segment , Called #SHOWTIME , Featuring @Flaw700, where they gave Summer Maddness 7 Predictions. Also, They Did A Ranking of Their Current Favorite, MCU Movies. The Top 5 is BACK!




EPisode 30 - Earn your paper boi Vol. 2 Feat. Mike

Episode 30 – Earn Your PaperBoi Vol. 2! The Crew Is Back With Their Atlanta: Robbin’ Season Review. This Episode They Are Joined By Mike (@donthackmike) of We Leave You This Podcast. Be On The Look Out For #OFFTHEDOME. Was The University of Florida Wrong To Single Out Black Students For Celebrations During Graduation? The Atlanta Season 2 Review is One You Do Not Want To Miss. Please Enjoy!!!


Episode 31 - Jermaine dupri is the G.o.a.t.?

Episode 30 – Jermaine Dupri is the GOAT? The Guys are back with another discussion breaking down the career of the Mogul, Producer, and Songwriter; Jermaine Dupri. Lookout for the #OFFTHEDOME segment, as well as, a brief talk on the Drake vs. Pusha T Beef. PLEASE ENJOY!!!


Episode 32 - The Goodlife vol. 2 w/Kelly

Episode 32 – The Good Life Vol. 2 w/ Kelly (musicjunke)! Kelly is back to discuss underrated moguls and legends with us. First #OFFTHEDOME is always a great segment. Was Confessions the last great R&B album? What new R&B albums are we listening to? Has Kelly canceled Kanye West? Please ENJOY!!!




W Kelly.png

Episode 27- The GoodLife Vol. 1 Feat. Kelly

Episode 27 – The Good Life Vol.1 With Kelly. The guys are joined by friend of the show ,Kelly, (@musicjunke) for a new segment called: The Good Life! First in #OFFTHEDOME, One Gotta Go Lyrically and If You Had Chance to Read a Tell All Book from any Celebrity/Public Figure, who would it be and why? They also discussed the Eric Bellinger/Torey Lanez Beef as well as a Vibe.com article written on East Saint Louis’s Own , King Skrilla The Good Life Topic is What Advice Did You Receive as Child That Helped or Hurt You? A Great Conversation Came From This. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!


Episode 28 - The Greatest Rappers At A Point (G.R.A.A.P.)

Episode 28 – The Greatest Rapper at A Point. (G.R.A.A.P.) Many rappers have reached a level of success but aren’t talked about in G.O.A.T. conversations; the guys from Oversaturated sit down to understand why. There’s an #OFFTHEDOME segment, you’re sure to enjoy. The guys also discuss J. Cole’s newest album, KOD, Marvel Infinity War Hype, and Kanye West’s Recent Tweets. Please Enjoy


episode 29 -Unsung (The Underrated Women of R&B) Feat. Chaunice

Episode 29 – Unsung (The Underrated Women of R&B) Feat. Chaunice. The guys of Oversaturated invite fellow podcaster/blogger, Chaunice on the podcast. There is always a dope #OFFTheDOME segment. There is also a discussion on Childish Gambino’s new music video, “This is America”, as well as, Art vs. The Artists Conversation. The Guys Curated a List of Underrated Women in The R&B Genre. Listen to Their Takes on Each Artist. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!



Episode 24 - Earn Your Paper Boi

Episode 24 –Earn Your Paper Boi is Oversaturated’s Official Recap for the hit show, ATLANTA. First, The Guys Had To Discuss The Black Panther Hype and Social Media Hypocrisies. There was a Music Video Conversation Regarding Blac Youngsta’s Booty and Drake’s God’s Plan. Also, they did discuss Nipsey Hussle’s New Album, Victory Lap. In the #OFFTHEDOME Segment, If you could reboot THE CARMICHAEL SHOW or SUVIVOR’S REMORSE, which one would you pick? If you could write a Prequel or Sequel to ANY Movie, What Movie Would It Be? Then Oversaturated dives into the World of Atlanta. Reviewing Favorite Characters, Moments, and Episodes. Stay Tune for Huge Announcement. Please Enjoy!!!



Episode 25 - Colonizer Music Appreciation Feat. Cleo Jones

Colonizer Music Appreciation! On Episode 25, Cleo Jones Returns!!! In the #OFFTHEDOME segment, Who’s on track to get an EGOT, Donald Glover or Common? Also, who has the best biscuit? We also do a Nostalgia Ain’t Sh*t Recap about 90’s Sit-Com Reboot Rumors. Was Mo’Nique Netflix Offer Too Low? Is Bruno Mars a Cultural Appropriator? Main Topic: We dive into the world of Blue-Eyed Soul. Please Enjoy


Episode 26 - One Year In

One Year In!!!!! Official Episode 26 is the 1st ANNIVERSARY EPISODE of OVERSATURATED! In #OFFTHEDOME , What’s Your Favorite Cartoon and What’s The Ugliest Team Jersey/Logo You’ve Ever Seen? Quick Thoughts were offered on Victor Abloh becoming the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, Rappers (Jeezy) retiring, & Vince Staples Recent PSA. Then the guys reflect on the past year! PLEASE ENJOY!




Episode 21 - Finally Legal

Finally Legal!!! Episode 21 is an ode to the listeners of Oversaturated: The Podcast. First, the guys gave their thoughts on Eminem’s Chloraseptic Remix Verse. They also discuss some of the best music videos out right now, Jay-Z’s Family Feud x Bruno Mars Feat Cardi B’s Finesse (Remix). There’s a hidden gem on this episode, so PAY ATTENTION. For The #OFFTHEDOME Segment, Johnnie asks if Black Panther isn’t a good movie would you consider it trash? Ralph asks what is the best live action movie made from a video game? The guys took questions from listeners and answered them on this episode.
Please Enjoy!


Episode 22 -Just A Dope A$$ Hip-Hop Conversation Feat. James Biko AKA DJ Nappy Needles

Episode 22 – Just A Dope A$$ Hip-Hop Conversation features James Biko AKA DJ Nappy Needles. On Episode 22, Biko gives a dope interview. In the #OFFTHEDOME segment, Ralph asks Who’s The Next Coming of Michael Jackson? Johnnie asks would Donald Glover be the next Jamie Foxx? The Main Topic of this Episode is ALL THINGS HIP-HOP. The Conversation Begins in 1987 all the way to the Present. Hope You All Enjoy!

Episode 23-Life in School ft. Schoolinlife Podcast.jpeg

Episode 23 - Life in School Feat. Schoolin' Life Podcast

Episode 23 – Life in School w/ The Schoolin’ Life Podcast. First, There were was discussion on Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Performance and Quincy Jones’s Recent Interview. In the #OFFTHEDOME segment, what is one place that you would live for a YEAR with no money? Also, Jemele Hill stepped away from her job at Sportscenter, would you have done the same? The guys of Oversaturated were joined by the ladies of The Schoolin’ Life Podcast to relive their college experiences. Schoolin’ Life are all products of PWI Universities , as Oversaturated are HBCU Graduates. Therefore, this created a great conversation. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!




Episode 18 The League Barely Made Ragnarok Feat CEO Haize

Official Episode 18! Oversaturated: The Podcast is back with CEO Haize of The Awakened Soul Podcast. Movie Review Time!!! We’re Discussing Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok. First, We Offered Our Thoughts on The New Eminem and Beyonce Track, Walk On Water. In The Off The Dome Segment, Johnnie asks whom would you cast in the role of Batman if Ben Affleck wasn’t there. Ralph asks what is the best movie trilogy that you’ve watched. Also in #JohnnieHatesEverything, Johnnie isn’t here for Black Owned Restaurants?!?!?! Please Enjoy!

Copy of 1st Annual Oversaturated Awards.png

Episode 19 - 1st Annual Oversaturated Awards

WHAT A WAY TO END THE YEAR! Oversaturated: The Podcast is proud to present the 1st Annual Oversaturated Awards. Johnnie and Ralph reintroduced themselves and how the podcast was born. Before the awards are actually given out, the guys have to give their opinions on the 2018 Grammy Award Nominations. The Oversaturated Award Categories are: Best Rap Battle, Best TV Show, Best Comic Book Movie, Best Viral Moment, Black Girl Magic Award, Listeners’ Choice Award, Most Disappointing Album/Artists, Song of The Year, and MVP Award. Also, Oversaturated couldn’t leave you without a Top 5 List! This time they are ranking their individual top 5 Hip-Hop albums from 2017. Stay Tuned for a MAJOR #PodernFamily Shout Out Toward The End. Please Enjoy!!!


Episode 20 - Best Eras of Black Music Feat. Kelly & Ana

Happy New Year!  2018 Is Finally Here And We’re Back with a Great Conversation/Debate! We’re Joined By Two Very Special Guests, Kelly (@musicjunke) and Ana (@stasiruk). On This Episode, We’re Discussing The Best Eras of Black Music. In The #OFFTHEDOME Segment, Kelly, Johnnie & Ralph all have interesting music related questions. In Our Exploration of Best Eras of Black Music, We Travel From The 1950’s -1990’s, having a great debate/history lesson along the way. Concluding the conversation, we picked the best overall era individually and best artist overall. During the #JohnnieHatesEverything, Johnnie isn’t here for New Year’s Resolutions! Do You Agree With Our Picks? Let Us Know!




episode 15 - $ign on the dotted line feat. king Skrilla

OverSaturated: The Podcast presents Episode 15- $ign on the Dotted Line Feat. King Skrilla. In this week’s, OFF THE DOME Segment, Johnnie Asks what was the better show, TRL or 106th and Park. Ralph asks what Hip-Hop performer do you think could pull off a Super Bowl Halftime Performance. King Skilla is a recording artist from East Saint Louis, IL and he joined along in the conversation of What’s Your Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Record Label.


Episode 16- Denzel is the G.o.a.t. Feat. J-Mo

Denzel is the True Acting G.O.A.T! In Episode 16, Johnnie and Ralph are joined by a Very Special Guest, J-Mo. In The Off The Dome Segment, Ralph asks, What celebrity biopic do you want to see produced and who do you want to see play this celebrity? Johnnie asks do you believe if Marvel’s Black Panther will surpass 1 billion dollars at the box office? The guys go through Denzel’s storied catalog and discuss their favorite roles. When the discuss lands on John Q, there’s a very interesting conversation about Health Insurance. Also, what would any Oversaturated Debate be without a TOP 5! Please Enjoy!


Episode 17 -Nostalgia Ain't Sh!T Feat. Cleo Jones

Nostalgia Really Aint Sh!t !!!! On Episode 17 a special guest, Cleo Jones, joins Johnnie and Ralph. In the Off The Dome Segment, Johnnie asks, what rapper’s voice is annoying to you? Ralph has two questions, What Independent Woman Anthem Does Cleo Jones Prefer? Do you separate the art from artists? Cleo, Johnnie and Ralph have come to the realization that some things we consider classic aren’t so good to us anymore. Listen as we breakdown the Movies, SOUL FOOD & THE LAST DRAGON. Also in #JohnnieHatesEverything, He won’t stand for hoodie slander. Please Enjoy




Episode 12! The Boys are Back With Their Season Breakdown of The Show, POWER. Johnnie and Ralph have interesting Off The Dome questions this week. Also, They give predictions for URL’s Summer Madness 6. During the breakdown of POWER, a very important question is asked. Who had the most significant death of season 4? Julio or Raina? Listen to find out!


Episode 13 - Tuck Your Insecurtiy in! Feat. Ana

On Episode 13, Johnnie and Ralph are back along with a special guest, Ana. They bring a hilarious and insightful recap of the show, INSECURE. In The “Off The Dome” Segment both Johnnie and Ralph both have interesting music related questions. Ralph also gives a movie review on the remake of “IT” and explains a bad movie night experience in the process. There’s also a few hot takes near the end of the show. Please Enjoy!


Episode 14 - Rep yo City!

Johnnie and Ralph bring you, Rep Yo City! Episode 14 is an exploration of the most influential cities/regions of Hip-Hop. In this week’s OFF THE DOME segment, Johnnie asks what was the last Hip-Hop Classic You Listened To. Ralph asks, what is the BEST Michael Jackson Music Video. They also provide commentary on the Jason Stockley Verdict, Jay-Z Turning Down the Super Bowl Halftime Performance, and Cardi B’s Number 1 Single! On this Episode, there’s a new segment called #JohnnieHatesEverything. Please Enjoy!!!




Episode 9 - All marvel Everything

On This Episode, The Guys of Oversaturated Break Down The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Johnnie and Ralph give takes on every movie in the MCU from Iron Man through Spiderman: Homecoming. Also, what would an Oversaturated Discussion be without a Top 5 List!!!!


Episode 10 -Making their Wayan the enterainment industry

Johnnie and Ralph are back with an ode to THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY, The Wayans Family. First, we had to send our condolences to those affected by the events of Charlottesville. Then giving love to Cardi B & The Visuals for Moonlight. On this episode, we discussed their contributions from I’m Gonna Get You Sucka up to the sitcom, Marlon.



Episode 11 - Be Optimistic

On Episode 11, Johnnie and Ralph are back with some cool, water cooler conversation. Here, they touch on a nice array of topics such as; The Best Hip-Hop Posse Cuts, New shows that they’re watching, and there’s a slight discussion on The Defenders. In addition, the guys are proudly inducting into the show a new segment: “Off The Dome”.




Episode 6- Power Recap

On this Episode, We Are Discussing the Hit TV Show, Power. We Recap Seasons 1-3 and even give a few predictions for Season 4. Power Fanatics will really enjoy this Episode! Please Comment, Rate & Subscribe


Episode 7 - 2017 Album Reviews

Johnnie and Ralph are back at it with a Mid-Year Album Review for 2017. We Discuss Albums From J. Cole, Future, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, & Logic. Each Album Has Moments/Highlights But Also Has Limitations. Listen as We Give Our Take On Each One.


Episode 8 - "insecure are we" Feat. The first ladies of Oversaturated

Johnnie and Ralph are back with another episode! “iNSERCURE are we?” featuring The First Ladies of Oversaturated. On This Episode, we gave our thoughts on the hit show, Insecure. This is more than a Team Issa vs. Lawrence Hive discussion. We give our thoughts and opinions in detail.



Episode 3 - songs that I'm Embarrassed By

Growing up in the 1990's and 2000's , it was tough for the Duo of Oversaturated to be open with their musical taste. In this episode, they explore genres and artists from past and present that's NOT Hip-Hop! Don't Judge. LOL


Episode 4 - Top 5 Stand Up Comedians

On This Episode, the Duo of Oversaturated: The Podcast dare to rank Stand Up Comedians. The Dreaded Top 5 is BACK! LOL


Episode 5 - Femcees

In Episode 5, We Dedicated This Episode To The Ladies of Hip-Hop. We Affectionately Call Them Femcees. We Explored The Past, Present, & Future of the Femcee. And What Would A Hip-Hop Conversation Be Without A LIST?! No Top 5 This Time, We Gave You The MT RUSHMORE OF FEMCEES. Please Comment , Rate, & Subscribe.




Episode 1 - New Hip hop Legends

Legends are born everyday. Listen as Johnnie and Ralph explore new artists that have achieved legendary status in Hip-Hop. Their new entries may SHOCK you. LOL


Episode 2 - Xmen Franchise Breakdown

Listen as the duo of Oversaturated: The Podcast break down the X-Men Movie Franchise. They give insight into each movie and provide interesting commentary. Favorite Mutants and Movies are discussed.